Cytolox is a powerful colostrum based natural immune building product with a unique effective delivery system

Cytolox™ contains Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) and other immune factors which promote normal immune responses.*
Proline-Rich Polypeptides are the only immune and cytokine modulators in the world produced by mammals-for-mammals.
PRPs activate Natural Killer cells of the immune system into action.*
Activated Natural Killer cells are the best anti-viral defense of the body.*

Cytolox™contains immune and growth factors from colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk produced by all mammals just prior to giving birth. This first meal of colostrum is rich in factors which build the immune system.

Colostrum can also be beneficial for adult health. However, absorption of immune and growth factors from colostrum powder taken orally by adults is limited because of damage caused by the acidity of the adult digestive track.

With Cytolox™, the immune and growth factors are efficiently absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth.


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